Han teaches Introduction to
Creative Writing through Accent Society.

This 6-week Introduction to Creative Writing Workshop will focus on the robust genre of creative writing as students consider what its varied forms can do. Students will explore writing as a flexible, adaptive mode of communication that addresses diverse audiences and rhetorical purposes, building connections between writing for school and for broader traditions of lyrical, personal, and public writing. Through discussions and peer workshops, students will learn to think of intellectual and creative writing, as well as the broader world of ideas they engage in, as a conversation in which they will take part using critical engagement of thoughts and texts.

“This course pushed me beyond the limits of my writing. It was nice to be exposed to a lot of different writing techniques (in the area of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, etc.). We talked together about topics, which made me have a better understanding of writing creatively.”
- Seoul, Korea (Spring 2022)

By exploring fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama, students will be able to understand the principle of discourse variation by examining how different forms of creative writing enable writers to take authorial stances, position themselves in relation to texts, readers, and the wider culture, and come to terms with significant issues through reading and, of course, writing.

She also offers writing and editorial support, translation services, and workshops.

Aristotle once said that “educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all,” and this has been Han’s teaching philosophy and instructional approach over the past decade in various roles, including teaching at high schools and universities, tutoring students, and leading night classes for English Language Learner (ELL) adults. She advocates for holistic education that not only enhances cognitive abilities but also cultivates emotional intelligence by integrating discussions on societal issues and encouraging critical thinking and ethical decision-making. It is Han’s sincere hope that she can continue to help prioritize both the mind and the heart in the pursuit of education.

“Professor Han’s ability to give us almost full freedom when writing, and the overall environment was great, allowing for collaborative efforts among students. The material was also very relevant to current events, and Professor Han helped us stay engaged by presenting generationally relevant topics.”
- Boston, USA (Spring 2021)